Django Learning Resources

Here are some of the key online resources I’ve discovered that have helped me with my Django journey…

The official Django documentation is usually the first stop when tyring to figure out something new. There are four key areas of the docs to look at: tutorials, topic guides, reference guides and how-to guides.

Django Chat – A weekly podcast on the Django Web Framework by William Vincent and Carlton Gibson. I’ve been binge-listening this podcast which has been running for just over a year. Will Vincent is a software developer, trainer and recent appointee to the Django Software Foundation (DSF) Board. Carlton Gibson is a Django Fellow which means he’s one of the few people who receive a salary from the DSF to help work on Django.

In addition to the podcast, Will Vincent has a number of other great resources including his personal website – He’s got lots of tutorials and examples using up to date Django code and has published several up-to-date Django books. I have purchased the Django for Professionals book and am currently working my way through this. He’s also started up a new site called Learn Django and I believe he’s aiming to move his teaching resources over to this site.

Matt Layman has a lot of content on his site, including a new podcast called Django Riffs and detailed blog posts to accompony each episode (ony four so far).

The Django Community Blogs is an aggregation of many different blogs and resources and can be subscribed to in your RSS reader of choice.

And here’s a list of other sites that I’ve found good Django content on:

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